facial prosthesis

What is cosmetic surgery facial prosthesis?

Facial prosthesis provides more balance and fit for your structure of your face. If you suffer from small chin.weak jaw or lack of face extents,plastic surgery can helps you in this regard.


Facial implant

These are biologically adaptive materials which are formed in a specific shape in order to use for increase and improvement of face structures. Type and size of which is selected in the base of your need and judgment of surgeon in the best quality.

Chin implant 

These implants can cause increase of size and chin prominence which is due to non-symmetry of forehead and mid face. A small or depressed chin can be seem that the  chin is disappeared into the neck. Even in a person whose weight is normal ,face with a natural structure is emphasized .

Cheek implant 

It leads to more prominence cheek bones that can help to local which are smooth or backward. If making symmetry in the face structure is your goal ,we recommend you facial prosthesis to increase one parts of the face. But we should notice that all part of our face have a degree of non-symmetry and in consequence the result of surgery can be not completely symmetry . Therefore ,the goal should be making balance and fit in the face. Facial prosthesis surgery can be performed lonely or with the other cosmetics surgery like ear or nose.

Appropriate candidate for facial prosthesis 

Facial prostheses surgery is done in people whom are matured in face bone and skull which can be accrued in the last period of maturity .

This type of surgery is good for you if 

You are in a complete health

You do not smoking

You have positive expectation and real aim for cosmetic facial surgery

The appearance of your face is on the base of 3 topic :

Skin face,soft tissue of the face and under bones of the face. If structures of your face is not fit, if it is backward , is the extents of your jaw is not clear or is smooth. If the extents of cheek is not clear or is smooth  ,it will be extremely affected in your image.

Specifying face appearance ,defined extent and natural angels that are fit provides balance face and an attractive appearance for you.

If you are not satisfied with your small chin or jaw and you do not have a fit face,cosmetic facial surgery can help you beneficially .

Although all part of face can be improved by facial implants,but the most common useful prosthesis is chin ,jaw and cheeks .

Facial implant provides better fit and balance in your face. They can make the face more defined by increasing bumps and better lines.

Recovery period after facial prosthesis 

You should ask your surgery about 

Where will my surgery be done?

Which medicines should be taken and which medicines should be cut or adjusted before surgery?

How is the bandage after surgery?

what time bandages will be removed?

Should sutures be removed and when?

What time we can start regular activity and exercise ?

What is the appropriate diet?

At what time we can refer for next treatment?

We should always remind that surgery and medical science is not completely sure.

Although we expect the best result but we can not guarantee it.because in some cases we can not achieve to it. It likely to require a second operation .

Facial prosthesis results

Final result facial prosthesis can be longtime. Although the initial phase of amendment can be with bruising and discoloration and discomfort for patient . In addition, the mobility of the face component may be temporarily degraded or restricted. These problems are common and will go away over time.

What happens in facial prosthesis surgery process?

Stage 1 Anastasia 

The best method is completely Anastasia that is the first choice.

Stage 2 cutting surgery

Chin prosthesis 

In chin prosthesis cut can be done in the mouth along the junction of the lower lip into the lower jaw Or under the skin of chin.

Jaw prosthesis 

Generally it is interpreted as a cut in the mouth.

Cheek prosthesis 

Specific local of defined chin where prosthesis is located on the cheek bone.usually it is improvised by a cut in the mouth. When this prosthesis is along with the other cosmetic surgeries ,the other cutting is also recommended . For example ,lower eyelid incision or cut the front line hair.

Sates 3:

Fastening surgery cut which are usually fasten by absorbable sutures or if non-absorbable    Is used ,it will be removed after one or two week.

Stage 4:

Although initial surgery result of facial cosmetic surgery is instantly clear,but up to the time of completion of swelling is not clear . It takes many months to achieve to the final result.when the swellings are completely removed.

Side-effects and risks of facial implant

Making decision for this surgery is completely personal and a person should make it on the base of advantages and disadvantage .

Your plastic surgeon describes you all issue about surgery process ,advantages and the possible risks of it.

You are asked to fill the consent in order to be sure that you understand completely about surgery process ,alternative methods and the possible risks .


Unacceptable oscars



Recovery the wound of cut badly or 

Anastasia side-effect

Changes in skin

Damage to under structures like nerves,blood vessels ,muscles,lungs that are mostly temporary but can be permanent.

Allergies to material prosthesis or intravenous drugs.

Create scare local more than usual 

Swiftness around prosthesis 

Flipping the prosthesis and pressure on adjacent structures 

Irregularities skin

Skin discoloration and swelling

Cardiopulmonary risks 


Possible need for secondary surgery

It is important to ask all of your question from your surgeon .it is natural too feel a little anxiety but it will reduce by consulting with your doctor.So you should not be embarrassed to ask many question about your surgery.

After completion of surgery appropriate bandage will be done for protecting facial implant position and necessary instruction will be given to you.

After being discharged if you suffer from chest pain or unusual heartbeat ,refer to emergency immediately .

Always remember that doing plastic surgery instruction is the factor for success of cosmetic surgery.avoid from moving ,additional pressure to cutting local in the recovery period.

Consultation before surgery

success of surgery is completely depends on a good consultation before surgery and an appropriate choice. You are asked about your health,intention and your life style.

You are asked about your decision for facial implant surgery

About your medicines which you are taking, medicine allergies and medical treatment which you  receive .

You are asked about Medicines and vitamin which you are taking ,herbal 

supplements alcohol and drugs .

Prior surgeries 

Plastic surgeon evaluate about :

Your health and the condition which can be risk

Before surgery photos

About different methods and treatment process

About result of surgery and risk factor

Preparation before plastic surgery

Required examination before surgery

Receiving necessary drugs

Stop smoking

Do not use Asprin ,anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplement that can interfere with blood coagulation

The facial implants terms that you should know about :

Biocompatible ,it is natural or artificial material which is used in facial prosthesis and it is designed to act with the around alive tissues.


Outer cutting : that is performed in the skin

Inner cutting : that is performed in the mouth.

Common questions in the before surgery consultation 

Dose my surgeon have a plastic surgery ceritfication?

Is my surgeon is the member of cosmetic surgery association ?

Am i an appropriate candidate for this surgery?

where and when will my surgery be done?

What is the size of prosthesis shape?

What cut will be used for improvise of prosthesis ?

How long does my recovery period takes?

What are the risk factor?

What can we do if side-effects happen? what is the secondary surgery?

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