What is Rhinoplasty surgery?

It is also sometimes known as "nose reshaping" or "nose job”. It can be done for shape recovery and symmetry of nose.Rhinoplasty in addition to make correction of nose shape and symmetry of it, it will rise confidence by increasing of face harmony.it also leads to correction of unnatural structure of nose which causes respiratory problems.

Rhinoplasty will causes these changes:

-nose size in related with the other structures of the body

-nose width at the bridge of the nose

-nose structure by hunch or dislocation of nose bridge 

-nostril that may be large, flat or too high.

-non-symmetry and deviation 

The average cost for rhinoplasty in USA is 4493 $ .

Who are the candidates for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is appropriate for you if : 

-your face growth is completed.you are 13 or older.(preferably girls  in the age of 16 and boys 18)

- you are in a complete health.

-you are not smoking 

-have a specific and real purpose for your nose recovery .

Choice of cosmetic surgery is regarded as a completely personal method and you should choose by yourself not because of the other's advice or ideal picture of the other person.

What cases will be discussed in consultation before rhinoplasty ?

-the reason of your decision for rhinoplasty (your expectation of the result)

-medical condition ,drug allergy ,prior medical treatments.

-medicines which you are taking or vitamins,herbal supplements, alcohol 

-previous surgeries.

Cases which plastic surgeon considers about :

-evaluating of your health and previous medical condition and risk factors.

-examine and measuring your face

-taking photos before surgery.

-discuss about various methods and necessary advices for shaping nose.

-discuss about the result of rhinoplasty and all of the risk factors and side-effects.

-discuss about the type of Anastasia for surgery 

Preparation  for rhinoplasty :

-survey of common examination before surgery

-taking specific medicine before surgery or adjusting of medicines which you are taking.

-stop of smoking

-avoid of smoking or anti-inflammatory medicine and herbal supplements which leads to increase of the bleeding likelihood. 

-being fast for 8 hours before surgery

-being confused after surgery and 10 days after that.

-dragging sutures 5 days after surgery .

Risk factors and safety information in rhinoplasty 

Decision about performing rhinoplasty is completely personal and you should make this decision if it provides your desired purposes and if the potential of its side-effects will be acceptable .

Surgeon will inform you all explanations with details .you should read consent form carefully and register it.( with acceptance of possibility side-effect)

Possibility risks of rhinoplasty 

-rupture of small vessel of the nose 


-healing of repaired wound 

-possibility risk of Anastasia .


-non-symmetry of the nose 

-heart complication (in very long period surgeries )

-change in nose sense 

-changes in air way 

-creating hole in nasal septum ( it is very rare )


-unacceptable oscar

- change in color skin and swelling of nose 

-sometimes suture leads to stimulation under the skin unconsciously and it requires to surgery for dragging.

-possibility needs for second surgery ( 5 percent )

You are strictly recommended to ask your surgeon about the procedure of surgery before it.it is a little anxiety in each person before surgeries and it is natural .and do not be embarrassed if you ask any question about it .

After arriving home,if you feel any problem in your breathing,pain in your chest or atypical heart beat contact to your doctor immediately because every theses problems needs to be treatment as soon as possible.

Observance of these doctor instructions is grantee for success in surgery.not pressuring or scotch and movement of each surgery locals in surgery is very important in recovery period. Surgery is not a clear science although we anticipate good and expectable results but there is not any specific grantee .in some cases ,expectable results can not be obtained and needs to be an additional small surgery  in order to achieving to the aim of beauty .

Rhinoplasty phases 

Phase 1 : taking medicines for preparation and complete or local Anastasia .

Phase 2 : cut surgery or closed method in which inner cut is hidden or open method in which  cut is performed on the nostril .by this method,soft issues of the nasal are up reared on the cartilage and bone of nose and let surgeon to reshape downward structures.

Phase 3 : (amendment of structure on the nose). Nose cartilage or bone structure can be smaller or bigger by surgeon .Sometimes ,bone or cartilage of the other part of body like ear or rib is used for this purpose .but most commonly ,nose septum which is in the middle of the nose,is used for reshaping and amendment of the nose.

Phase 4 : (amendment of septum deviation). If there is deviation in septum,it will be amended and protrusion will be resolved to ease breathing.

Phase 5 : closing the incision after the fixing of the underlying structures of the skin and soft tissues of the nose is pulled back and the incision is sutured.sometimes additional cut is performed under nostril in order to blade nose.

Phase 6 : tubes and nose splints is used to protect the nose and removed after a week.

Although swelling is reduced after a few weeks,but the basic shape of the nose will not be appeared until one year.during the year,you fell many changes in your nose and it gradually gets to a permanent shape.during the first year,swelling gets worse in the morning and gets more but it will gradually disappears .

Rhinoplasty recovery (recovery period )

After surgery ,a splint and inner tubes or packing inside of the nose is used and removed after 1-3 days.and splint,plaster or inner tubes are excluded after 7-10 days after surgery .adhesives are used to protect the nose and the amount of the using time will be different among each person.

You will receive instructions for postoperative care .ask your surgeon about how to care of surgical sites,necessary medicines,diet and the next time of reference .

-what should drugs be taken after surgery ?

-at what time should dressing be changed and how many turns ?

-whether should sutures be removed or not ?and if yes when ?

-when can we restart exercise and ordinary activities ?

-at what time should we refer for examination ?

-how long will swelling be remained after surgery ?

Rhinoplasty results will be long term.it will take many months to go away of swelling and at least one year of even many years to see the final shape as well.although the result if the surgery is permanent ,but cartilage may changes and moves which will impacts on the final result during the period.

Common questions of rhinoplasty

-is my surgeon known and acceptable from cosmetic and plastic surgery association ?

-is my surgeon member of cosmetic and plastic surgery association?

-in which university has my surgeon been trained ?

-am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty ?

-what is my real expectation for rhinoplasty?

-when and where will rhinoplasty be performed ?

-What technic do you recommend for my surgery ?

-how long will recovery period take and how can I help in this period ?

-what are the side-effects and risks of surgery ?

-can I see before and after surgery photos?

Select a surgeon whom you trust in.

You have several options for selecting a plastic surgeon .the first and most important things is that you can trust him.

Selecting a plastic surgeon 

-a person who has studied General surgery for at a least 5 years 2 of which should be plastic surgery .

-the surgeon has been trained in all fields of cosmetic surgery which includes breast, body,face and different reconstructions.

-have plastic and cosmetic surgery certification .

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons assassination is appropriate for you in selecting the right plastic surgeon.


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