What is Liposuction?


Liposuction which is also known as Lipoplasty, is used to remove the excessive accumulated fat and/or model different

sites on the body. It also improves body fitness and earns you a more improved and plausible look of your body and

shape ultimately.


Even for the fit and healthy people who are in good shape already, there are cases that localized accumulated fat on a

specific sites on the body makes inappropriate body relief.


These   inappropriate body relief are more likely to happen due to an inherited family trait rather than the lack of weight

control or body fitness.


Liposuction can be utilized in order to treat stubborn pockets of accumulated fat  on different sites of the body including:


- Abdomen and Loin


- Cervicis (Neck) and Dorsum(Back)


- Gluteus (Buttock) and Tights (Hip)


- Hollow Behind Knee (popliteal)


- Brachium (Arms)


- Cheeks and Chin


- Crus (Leg) and Tarsus(Ankle)


Liposuction is usually performed in accompany with some other surgical operations such as face lift, Mammoplasty

(mamopexy) or Abdominoplasty, but in some cases, only liposuction is performed.


Liposuction would not be considered as a treatment for obesity, and it would not be able to replace regular and

scheduled exercise and diet habits.


Liposuction is also used as a treatment for Cellulite (subcutaneous fat. Fat squished under the surface of your skin),

dimpled appearance on your hips and gluteus skin.


Individuals whose body is suffering stubborn fat accumulation on their body sites and exercise regularly are the best

candidates for liposuction.



Who are the best candidates for liposuction?


Decision for the Liposuction procedure is highly considered as a personal decision and the procedure should be

performed when the patients’ goals fulfillment is guaranteed and side effects and possible risks are reasonable.


You are a candidate for liposuction if you suffer from fat accumulation on your body sites which are not removed through



Ideal candidates for liposuction:


- Adults weighing about 30% of ideal weight who have firm and healthy skin and have good muscles


- Healthy people who have  no life-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing


- Non smokers


- Individuals with positive thoughts and rational expectation of their body reliefs


What are your expectations of liposuction consulting sessions with your doctor?


Successful liposuction procedure is highly dependent on pre-surgical perfect consults. You will be asked some questions

about your health conditions, your expectations and your lifestyle.


Be ready to thoroughly discuss your expectations from liposuction, your medical conditions, allergies and medical

treatments, your Medication usage history. You need to discuss if you use vitamins, Herbal Supplements, Alcoholic drinks,

smoke, and drugs usage and surgery history.


The plastic surgeon need to evaluate your health levels, discuss and share possible methods with you and describe

possible risks and side effects to you. He also need s to take necessary photos of your body.


Pre-surgical procedures:


- Medical examination and evaluations


- Receiving new medications or changing medications you are taking


- Stop smoking


- Stop using Herbal Supplements increasing levels of bleeding, Aspirins and Anti-inflammatory pills.


- Body sites which liposuction are going to be done on (liposuction can be performed in both surgical center, hospital

or on an Outpatient basis at the office )


- If you are taking the Outpatient basis procedure at the office, make sure to have someone accompany to drive you

back home and spend a night taking care of you.



Possible Risks and safety information


Your plastic surgeon and the clinical personnel would describe the possible risks of taking the liposuction procedure to

you.  You will be asked to sign the contraction form and Informed Consent form in which liposuction procedure is

explained step by step and shows you have comprehended and accepted the possible risks of taking the procedure.


Possible Risks of liposuction:


- skin or nerve damage, irregular color set, uneven body reliefs, wavy skin surface


- Infection, accumulated  fat, fluid accumulation, blood clots, unreasonable incision scar


- thermal damage caused by laser procedures, risks of anesthesia, bleeding


- Changes in skin sensation, skin discoloration and swelling - Non-symmetry, pain


- Damage to deeper structures such as nerves and vessels, muscles, lungs, abdominal organs


- Poor wound healing, cardiopulmonary complications, need for another surgery or liposuction



However, in newer methods modern high-tech devices (LIPOMATIC Device) are used and possibility of incidence of these

cases are very small.


Liposuction Procedure


First step: medication injections, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation during the surgery.


Second step: small incisions in specific sites on body and injection of sterile fluid to minimize the amount of trauma and



Common and popular liposuction sites on body are visible in these figures:


































Third step:


Your body reliefs will be improved after swelling reduction and absorbing the fluid.


Recovery after liposuction (convalescent)


After the surgery, an Elastic bandages and tape or firm-fitting garment will be used on the treated sites and areas to prevent swelling and model the body.


Sometimes, small temporary drains will be used to surge the fluid out. Medical instruction will be transmitted to you by your surgeon including antibiotic medications or etc.Secondary operation (retouch) are sometimes applied to remove the excess skin or correct the Fat accumulation on your body.


Your surgeon will instruct you about where to go, which medications to take, which dress and bandage to use, when to take the sutures and when to start over sport and normal life, as well as your visiting appointments.


Contact the emergency, in the case of feeling short of breath, chest pain or irregular heartbeat a home. Any occurrence of these symptoms will require you to be Hospitalized and observed by your doctor.


Surgery would not be considered as a united medicine or experience. However we expect reasonable and good results out of liposuction procedure, but there would not be 100% guarantee for that.


For some cases. It’s possible that the best and 100% result are not achieved by the initial surgery and there will be a need for the secondary one.


Results of liposuction


Sometimes it takes some month for the swelling to reduce. After this period your body relief and picture of your body in your mind will be improved gradually.


Your satisfaction with your body relief will last until you keep on a healthy lifestyle and control your weight. Gaining a lot of weight will ruin all the results therefore watch you weight. 

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