Face lift

What is Face Lift?

Face lift or known as Rhytidectomy is a type of cosmetic surgery used to remove aging signs on facial and neck skin. This procedure would be the best method to give you back your youthful in the case of having aging signs on your facial and neck skin. 

Rhytidectomy (from Ancient Greek ῥυτίς (rhytis) “wrinkle” + ἐκτομή (ektome) “excision”, surgical removal of wrinkles) means removing the wrinkles literally and it would be helpful with removing (improving) the below signs of aging: 

- Midface improvement surgery

- Deep creases below the lower eyelids

- Deep creases through area from nose to corner of the lips (Nasolabial lines)

- Dropped or displaced fat 

- Muscle tone loss in the lower facial areas resulting into extra tissue in the lower facial area (Jowl)

- Rejuvenation surgery procedure which is usually accompanied with face lift and occasionally Brow lift, corrects Brow ptosis and removes deep creases on forehead. Blepharoplasty remove aging sign around the eye as well.


Face lift surgeries neither make a fundamental change or differences on your facial appearance, nor stop aging process on your skin. But they would be able to rejuvenate your face by removing the aging signs on your it. 


The average cost for a facelift surgery in the USA is about 6630 dollars. 


Who are the candidates for the face lift surgery? 

Face lift can only be done by the surgery. Same results cannot be achieved by the other non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, they can postpone the surgery for the proper time for surgical face lift procedures, although. 


Decision for the face lift surgery is considered as a highly personal decision which is made by the patients themselves to fulfill the desires and tends of their own, but not for the desires and tendency to achieve the ideal face form of others’ interests. 


The face lift surgery would be beneficial for you if: 

- If you are in a perfect health condition 

- You are not smoking

- You have real and proper reasons for cosmetic changes on your face


Recovery after face lift procedure 


A dressing will be used in order to minimize bruising and swelling after surgery. A thin tube will be used to drain excess fluid and blood too.

You will be informed about the necessary skin care instructions after the surgery as well as the prescribed medications. 


Make sure to ask these questions from your doctor before the surgery

- Where the face lift surgery would be done?

- Which medications are needed to be taken and which are to stop?

- Are the sutures absorbable or they are going to be drawn?

- How long after the surgery you can go back to your normal life?

- When is the time for the next appointment with your doctor? 


How long lasting is face lift surgery ?

It takes usually several months to remove completely swelling and also 6 months to mature scar surgery.

Protection against the sun's ray helps you to keep your face young because it prevent aging and skin damage from sun ray.

Additional, a healthy life style provides you beautiful face and maintained young skin. Recent research has reported the average age for keeping youth after face lift surgery about 10 years.

Lift surgery phases

Phase 1 Anastasia and medicines which provide relaxation

Several methods can be added to lift surgery in order to gain better result for example prostheses ,increasing soft tissue (fat injection and filer ), facial rejuvenation (such as laser or peeling )and reduce wrinkles by injection such as Botox

Phase 2 depending on how much you want changes in your face ,face lift surgery can be done classically or limited or left neck.

In the type of classic lift cutting is started from temporal line and around ears and jowl will be drown.underlying tissues are restored and relocated.commonly, deep layers of muscles can be pulled upwards and backwards.

Skin is drown upward on the top tissues and excess skin is removed.

Sometimes a Second incision under the chin is required to cure neck in a better way.cutting is closed by sutures and skin adhesive .

An alternative approach for classic lift surgery is shorter surgical incisions in temporal area that goes around the ear and sometimes it can be in lawyer eyelid or the upper lip.

Limited incision

Dropping jowl and loose neck skin and fat accumulation can be amended by neck life.neck lift incision often starts from in front of the ear and continues behind the ear until it reaches the lower scalp.

Neck lift incision

Phase 3 skin incisions get better and be hidden in the lines and folds of skin on the face and ears.

Phase 4 recovery results will be clear after face lift by removing brushing and swelling .

The Beauty results of face lift will not only makes your face younger but also makes you feel more comfort and confidence .

Possible risks and safety information of face lift surgery

Making decision for performing surgery is completely personal and person should pd this on the base of its advantages and possible risks,

Your plastic surgery will gives you all details about surgery steps and the possible


Here are risks of face lift surgery

Unacceptable oscar

Bleeding (hematoma)


Impaired wound healing

Risk of Anastasia

Hair loss at the incisions (reversible)

Weakness of facial nerves

Non-symmetry of face

Loss of skin

Surgery or other changes in skin sensation

Fat necrosis

Accumulation of fluid (seroma)


Abnormal skin

Color changes on skin (swelling and bruising)

Set out of the sutures skin ( which needs to be removed)

Satisfying results such as non-symmetry ,oscar in surgery area ,deformation at the end of the cut which sometimes requires to a second surgery.

Heart and lung problems

Need for secondary surgery

You should ask your plastic surgeon about stages of surgery.it is natural too feel anxiety but do not be worry,

After being discharged if you feel abnormal heart beat ,palpitation ,shortness of breath or chest pain you should refer to an emergency immediately .

Surgical and medical experience is not completely predictable although good result are expected but we can not guarantee one hundred percent for completely desired result .therefore if the results are not completely is satisfactory ,do not be worry always thinks about the second surgery.

Always remember that performing your surgeon instructions is the only way to success of your surgery.do not manipulate the cutting local. Do not impose additional power on them until they will recover completely. Avoid wearing dresses which forces on the head.

What topic should you be careful before surgery?

More success and safety in surgery depends on investigating you as a candidate before surgery.you are asked about your life style ,mental and physical health and also your intentions .about your drugs which you are taking ,medicines allergy ,consumption of herbal supplements ,drugs and alcohol.

Your plastic surgeon evaluates these cases

Your general body health

Existed and available methods and proposed treatment period

Face examination and required measurement

Taking before surgery photos

Discuss about various methods and proposed cure period

Discuss about face lift results and possible risks

Discuss about the type of surgery and Anastasia

Preparation for face lift

Doing necessary examination

Taking required medicine or adjusting medicines which you are taking

Do not smoking

Do not use aspirins ,anti inflammatory  medicine and herbal supplements which interfere blood coagulation .

Common expression which you should know about

Hematoma :blood accumulation under the skin

Tear trough : deep crease below the lower eyelid

Nasolabial facial : deep crease between the nose and cheeks

Jowl: jowl lines that has declined to the neck which is due to loss of muscular tone in lower face.

Rhytidectomy: surgery process which is known as a face life too and is performed to reduce of declining face jowls and the neck.

Questions which you are asking during consultation

Is my plastic surgeon member of cosmetic and plastic surgeon association ?

Am I an appropriate candidate for face lift?

What  should we expect from the surgery?

Where and when my surgery is done?

How long does my recovery period takes?

What are the possible risks ?

what is the necessary care after surgery?


What is right solutions if we are not satisfied with the result of surgery?

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