Breast Augmentation or known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast Enlargement, breast implants is surgical procedure which is done in order to retrieve the volume of the breast by the use of Saline or silicone prosthesis and in some cases fat injections.

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgeries and women, satisfying may of those who tend to increase the volume or regain the previous volume of their breasts or to correct the symmetry of their breasts. 

The surgery is offered to women if:

- Having a more beautiful and fit shape

- Wishing to wear a more suitable dress

- The pregnancy, weight loss or aging has affected the size and shape of their breasts 

- Due to the smaller nature one of the breasts, they are interested in creating a symmetry between two breasts  

The Breast Augmentation surgery as a long-term solution to obtain the ideal shape for dressing, will surely help you to look more fit and beautiful in your swimsuit and you will look younger. 

Breast implants need care and control. Eventually they need to be replaced years later. Of course there are some minor risk of surgery like any other one. 

Common surgical incisions for breast prosthesis placement:

Beneath the breast




Through the armpits








Through the breast areola 









Reasons for women to take the breast augmentation surgery:

- When you believe your breasts are too small in comparison to your body

- Uncomfortable feeling while wearing the swimsuit or dresses

- Having problems with wearing appropriate and fit dresses to your hipline but too big for your breast line

- Less firm and smaller breasts after losing weight

- One of your breasts is significantly larger than the opposite breast

- When you have good health and have realistic expectations of your breast Then you are a good candidate for this             surgery





Breast lift or Matopexy

This type of the surgery is used to improve the breast Ptosis, breasts with unleveled surface, breast size reduction along with the dropping nipples and pulled areola or to give a more youthful shape to the breasts and lifting them. 

As breast volume is too high or too low, you may need to increase the size of the prosthetic breast, breast lift or lower the volume. 

Thousands of women experience and take the successful surgery of the Matopexy and are mostly satisfied with the result without any problem. 

Pregnancy, lactation, gravity, weight loss or gain, getting older and hereditary factors all affect the way your breasts are shaped and can cause breast Ptosis. 

It’s possible that your surgeon consults you to have the breast life along with the breast prosthesis. Especially when the tissue around nipples and areola is dragged, it is recommended to take the Matopexy.

- Matopexy can improve the breasts’ shape, Breast prominence, its symmetry and make it more youthful. 

- Matopexy would improve your self-confidence with or without dressing up. 

- Breast lift effects can reduce during the long time due to the gravity and aging factors. 

- The incision scar after the surgery is too small and usually concealed under the swimsuit or bra.  

- Pregnancy after the cosmetic surgery can destroy the results. 

Various surgical incision for breast lift

Incision around the areola 


Incision around the areola and a vertical incision 








Incision around the areola and a vertical and a horizontal incision 







Am I a candidate for Breast lift? 

If you feel unsatisfied with your breast Ptosis, you may not aware the suitable surgery for your breasts. It would be normal if your surgeon doctors recommends you to take the breast augmentation along with breast lift. Sometimes additional surgeries are needed to achieve the best cosmetic results. 

Common reason to encourage you to take the Matopexy procedure

- Sagging breast with proper size and volume

- Lack of breast tissue or  low stiffness

- Dropped down nipples and areola especially when they are beneath the breast line

- Different breast shapes

- Different breast sizes 

- Rather small breasts

- Matopexy procedure can be performed for large breasts but the results can decrease during the time due to the gravity in comparison to the medium sized breasts. 

It is recommended to postpone the cosmetic surgery procedure after pregnancy and child delivery. 

Pregnancy can drag the breast tissue and decrease the breast volume and destroy the Matopexy results. 

If you have good health and reasonable expectations and reasons for the surgery then you are considered as a good candidate for that. 

Matopexy surgery can raise sagged breasts, improve the shape and increase the stiffness of breast and consequently increase self confidence in you. 

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